Quality Policy

The Quality Policy of OLYGREEN TOURISTIKI IKE aims to prescribe how the company will continuously succeed in meeting the requirements related to the quality of its services and its obligations to the Customers, Staff, Suppliers & Partners and all the interested parties.

Our main goals, the company's Management is committed to, are:

  1. To provide services that fully comply with the defined requirements as specified in the company's Quality Management System Procedures, offering at the same time a good financial result for the Company and its customers.
  2. Always comply with the applicable Legislation in general and in particular that  concerns the quality and safety of our services.
  3. To continuously improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System and our way of operating so that our services are considered of high quality in the Market.

To achieve the above objectives:

  • To implement and continuously improve the Quality Management System (QMS) according to the ISO 9001:2015 standard.
  • Management sets detailed and specialized, per process, quality objectives which  reviews in terms of their achievement.
  • The company's Management has the necessary resources (Personnel, Equipment, etc.) which are recorded and controlled.
  • All the executives and employees of the company are triggered within the framework of their powers and responsibilities to achieve the objectives and the implementation of this policy and to improve the operation of the Company.

Responsible for the overall operation of OLYGREEN is the CEO who determines the policy and objectives of the Company. The Company's Quality Manager is authorized in cooperation with the Company's executives to develop, improve, document and monitor the Company's Quality Management System and to implement the necessary changes after review and approval by the CEO.

The Management of OLYGREEN is committed to:

  • ensure that this policy is known and understood by all employees of the Company as well as by every interested party (Customers, Suppliers & Partners, etc.)
  • the accurate compliance to this policy and the requirement of its application by all employees in the Company.


Christos Dorziotis