Following the tradition, experimenting, implementing new technologies.

The Property

The project is a bioclimatic construction designed to present a modern version of the traditional architecture that was dominant in the Athenian suburbs during the 60’s and early 70’s.

The exterior was characterized by large balconies, pergolas, wide windows with wooden blinds and well attended gardens. In the interior marble was used for the staircases and bathrooms. Flooring in the living areas was mosaic marble and oak floors for the bedrooms.

It was a challenging attempt to redefine the quality standards of living in the suburbs, introducing a modern building with elements of the past. The relation between interior and exterior experimentations with new materials, the coexistence of old and new, the construction details and the total simplicity, characterize the philosophy of the architectural design.

The building has been engineered with respect to the natural environment using reinforced insulation and additional wooden blinds in the façade to reduce the energy consumed. Cooling and heating is generated by heat pump, one of the least power consuming technology.

All the apartments are equipped with A+++ or A++ energy efficient electrical appliances.

Led technology for lighting is used throughout the building.

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